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The ProHammer baseball training bat is designed for use by advanced players and is being tested and used by selected professional and Division 1 power hitters.

While it is true that all game bats have a cylindrical hitting surface with potentially unlimited points of contact, the reality is that the best pro hitters consistently make ball contact along the narrow "edge grain" area of the barrel. They do this for two important reasons:

1) The edge grain represents the strongest area of a wood bat. Ball contact along the edge grain results in more hits and fewer broken bats.

2) More power and better ball control. Pro hitters train their wrists to bring the edge grain to the baseball regardless of where in the strike zone the ball is. Power, bat speed, and ball control diminish quickly as the wrists "roll" the edge grain away from contact.

The ProHammer is configured to provide narrow contact surfaces, rapidly training the hitter to not "roll" his wrists through the hitting zone. The narrow contact surfaces have a diameter, length, and curvature that is otherwise identical to a conventional wood bat...only the portion you don't need has been removed.

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Tests have shown significant improvements in the following areas:

  • - ball exit trajectory (more line drives)
  • - power (optimum wrist control)
  • - ball control (hit to the power alleys)
  • - batting eye (improved focus)
  • - confidence with game bat
  • - Bat path (shortest path to the ball)

Designed and built to hit real baseballs, the ProHammer is manufactured using top-grade materials. The alloy hitting face does not "ping" but instead produces a sound similar to a professional wood bat when striking a baseball. ProHammer bats are balanced and weighted similarly to professional wood bats and are available in the following "minus-3" swing equivalents:


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  • "I wanted to give you some feedback on your Pro-hammer training bat. I have given one to our 14 and 15 year old teams in our Norcal baseball program along with Ohlone College (top 10 JC in the country) and East Cobb Baseball (top youth baseball program in the country). The reviews I’m getting back are tremendous. The feedback you get from the Pro-hammer is immediate! We love how the Pro-hammer teaches you the proper bat-path and bat angle. The solid feel you get when you hit the ball properly with the Pro-hammer reinforces the perfect swing. Conversely, the vibrating feel when you have the wrong bat path teaches you how to find the correct one! The great thing is that this training aid grooves a professional swing- one that will hold up against all levels of pitching. Jamal, I can’t thank you enough for introducing us to the Pro-hammer. It is a tool we use every day at practice or before a game. It is THE best hitting training aid I’ve seen in over 25+ years of coaching baseball."
    - Rob Bruno - NorCal Baseball GM

  • "Developing a powerful and precise swing is fundamental to better hitting performance. The ProHammer's balanced design allows the hitter to hone his swing at game speed while hitting real baseballs. The unique shape of the barrel will instantly tell the hitter whether each swing is off-sweet-spot, rolled-over, or absolutely perfect. A true development tool for hard-working players, the ProHammer is simply the best."
    - Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies Shortstop

  • "The ProHammer is a great hitting training tool. When working off the tee the balance of the bat allows me to undersand where my hands are at the point of contact."
    - Ryan Spilllborgnhs, Colorado Rockies OF

  • "Our players use the ProHammer daily and this has given them better awareness of using their hands and the importance of having barrel control with the swing."
    - UCSB coaching staff

  • "Combines visual acuity training with meaningful reps."
    - Posted by Ligurian

  • "I bought the ProHammer based on the recommendation at this website ( It was a leap of faith and could have been another useless baseball tool. I'm happy to say, my son loves it! The ProHammer looks and feels good. More importantly, it combines visual acuity training with meaningful reps. As the ad says, you have to follow the right bat path or the feedback is immediate--the ball pops up. Within 5 reps, my son was hitting beautiful line drives. We only had a short time to work with the ProHammer the day it arrived, but the next day, at a hitting clinic, he had suddenly added about 60-80 feet to the distance he was hitting, on par with the 15 year olds. I should mention my son has just turned 13 and is on the smaller/lighter side for his age group. I love it that you can use it for BP in the cage unlike hitting sticks which can't be used on a real ball. Our order arrived so quickly, I didn't even know it had shipped yet! "
    - Satisfied customer

  • " Just wanted you to know that we have loved the youth version of your ProHammer bat. My son plays for a 9u travel team and he started the season crushing the ball. We spend a lot of time at the ballpark and at the indoor cage. The ProHammer has drawn a lot of attention from other coaches and players as we sing its praises. I think that you will begin to see some sales coming from the Charlotte,NC area.
    Anyways I just wanted to say thank-you for your product we are loving it. Be looking for sales from Charlotte as we have become a raving fan of the ProHammer. "
    - Satisfied customer

  • " This is one of the best hitting aids I've seen in years. With correct soft toss drills you can't miss on improving your game. One thing that hasn't been mentioned is that the sound and feel at the proper contact point accelerates mental and muscle memory, and this combination far exceeds any existing hitting aid. Bert Strane 510-472-7215"
    - Coach, hitting instructor, former pro infielder

ProHammer Bats have a three month, limited warranty which covers one time from date of purchase replacement of bats where a manufacturing defect results, in normal usage, in breaking, detachment of parts, or broken knob. This warranty does not cover bats that have been abused, altered in any way or mistreated; bats purchased from non-authorized dealers or individuals; bats purchased at auction, or on auction websites; used bats purchased from re-sellers; grip replacement; graphics, paint, decals or stickers. The bat must have been used for the purpose indicated on the bat; i.e., tee and soft-toss drills, etc. Proper care must have taken with the bats. Hitting metal cleats, rocks, or anything other than a leather ball can damage your bat and will void your warranty. Any physical alteration of a ProHammer bat voids the warranty and potentially violates ProHammer’s intellectual property rights. Anyone who alters a bat, and any player who knowingly uses an altered bat, will be held liable for any injuries or damages that result from its use.

ProHammer Bats have a 30 day, limited warranty on all non-bat products which covers one time from date of purchase replacement of product with a manufacturing defect. This warranty does not cover products that have been abused, altered in any way or mistreated; that have been purchased from non-authorized ProHammer dealers or individuals; products purchased at auction, or on auction websites; used products purchased from re-sellers. Proper care must have taken with the products. Any physical alteration of a ProHammer product voids the warranty.

The Warranty Return procedure is designed to service consumers residing in the United States. For individuals residing outside of the United States please return your bat along with the proof of purchase to the dealer from which it was purchased. Step 1: Please email Pro-Hammer Customer Service at "". To return a Pro-Hammer bat or product, the original item or product must have been purchased within three months from an authorized dealer, and must be accompanied by a valid proof of purchase*. Step 2: A Return Authorization form will be emailed to you. Please fill out the form completely and include the Return Authorization number (RA#-Provided by Customer Service).

Step 3: Ship the bat and Proof of Purchase with the Return Authorization Form. Postage and all shipping (and insurance costs, if desired) shall paid by the customer. Shipping instructions will be on the Return Authorization Form. Step 4: If ProHammer Bats agrees that the bat or product is defective and covered under the warranty, we will send out a repaired or replacement bat within three business days of receiving the returned bat or product. Return shipment will be via 2-day delivery.

*Please note: You must save your original receipt from your authorized ProHammer dealer as proof of purchase. It is required to return bat. Third party receipts, such as PayPal, Paypoint, etc. will not be accepted. Products returned without proof of purchase may not be warranted. Warranty Limitation and Exclusion. It is hereby agreed that the liability of ProHammer Bats shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the nonconforming product as provided above. Use of baseball bats is inherently dangerous and ProHammer Bats and its employees, officers, directors and suppliers shall not be liable for any other damages, direct, indirect or consequential. ProHammer Bats will have no liability whatsoever if the product has been subjected to any abuse, misuse, negligence or accident on the part of Purchaser. Disclaimer of Unstated Warranties. THE WARRANTY PRINTED ABOVE IS THE ONLY WARRANTY APPLICABLE TO THE PRODUCTS AND EXCEPT TO THE EXTENT PROVIDED ABOVE, ALL BATS AND PRODUCTS ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” WITH ALL FAULTS. ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. Limitation of Liability. IT IS UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED THAT PROHAMMER BAT’S LIABILITY WHETHER IN CONTRACT, IN TORT, UNDER ANY WARRANTY, IN NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE SHALL NOT EXCEED THE RETURN OF THE AMOUNT OF THE PURCHASE PRICE PAID BY PURCHASER AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL PROHAMMER BATS BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. THE PRICE STATED FOR THIS PRODUCT IS A CONSIDERATION IN LIMITING PROHAMMER BAT’S LIABILITY. ProHammer Bats reserves the right to refuse warranty service to any person who our Warranty Department deems as abusing our products or warranty policy.